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The Telegraph Review of Patricia's Performance from the Montreal Jazz Festival

"Her command as performer has clearly prospered and grown. Her regular Monday night gig is a small club in Chicago, the Green Mill lounge, seven miles North of the city centre, and these days there is no doubt of her powerful ability to communicate from a wide stage right into the back row of a 1.400-seat theatre. She held the audience transfixed for an hour and a half. She is in her late fifties. Tall, lean and determined, she comes across as younger, full of energy and defiance and imbued with sheer class."

JAZZIZ critic best of 2013 Patricia Barber's "Smash"

The one of a kind pianist/singer/composer is at the top of her game here. There's an extra richness in her compositions, and her pianism is more refined than ever. There's also more warmth in her vocals - appropriate as most of the dozen songs deal with various forms of loss (none more breathtaking than the closer, "Missing"). But Barber also apples her lyrical gifts to the trippy "Code Cool" which obliquely deconstructs Gabrielles Gifford's trauma and recovery, while "Devil's Food" champions same-sex relationship over a disco beat.